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Family Testimonials

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I would personally like to say Killian hill is a awesome place for a loved one they took great care of my mother when she was there I appreciate everything they did for her.🙏🏾😘

Thank you,

Valencia Corry

June, 2022



Killian Hill PCH was a lifesaver for my family and I. I placed my grandmother here and she was a resident for 7 years. When you have a loved one with Alzheimer's, it's scary to trust a caregiver. Killian Hill over-delivered the care they provided my grandmother with. She was cared for as if she was family. This is a well ran home that is a hidden gem. My family and I are forever grateful to Marlyn and her team!


With Gratitude,

Natara R.

June, 2022

Killian Hill Personal Care Home was such a blessing to Dad and my family. After suffering a long hospital and rehab stay, my strong and very stubborn, independent father could no longer live without round the clock support. This was a very difficult reality of life for him to deal with. After searching and visiting other assisted living facilities, I realized what they offered wasn't enough. He needed someone available for help when needed 24/7 in a more intimate environment and at an affordable price. I did not think such a place could possibly exist. Then, Senior Provisions led me to Killian Hill. I went to meet Marlyn and told her about my dad and his emotional and physical needs and about his sadness at having to give up his independence. I felt a bond with her right away and I knew this was the right place for him. When Dad came to visit, Marlyn was so genuine and caring to him. She talked to him privately about his needs and concerns. She asked what his favorite foods were, what he liked to watch on TV, what activities he enjoys. She won his trust and lived up to everything she promised him. I can honestly say that my dad loved and trusted Marlyn and the caregivers. He felt safe, comfortable, and loved. I can't express enough, what a comfort it has been to have such caring people taking care of my dad when I could not be there. He lived there until December 4, when he passed away in his own room, with Marlyn and myself, without having to go to another facility or hospital. Marlyn and hospice made sure he was comfortable as well as ministered to us through this journey. I was there very often throughout his time there and I was always pleased with what I saw. My dad would tell everyone how well he was being taken care of. The following are quotes from my precious dad, Pete Cato. He said them many times to many people, all the way until he passed:

" Well, I have to say, they couldn't take any better care of me than they do here"
" Marlyn is a good ole gal!"
" Marlyn ( and staff) are good cooks!"
" It feels nice being in a house again and not a building." (Prior to his illness, he had been living in a very nice senior independent living apartment )
" If I can't go home ( to his house) I would not want to be anywhere else but here."

I don't know about you, but as a daughter, all of the above comments were such a comfort and relief. My dad was not always easy to please, but he was
very pleased with his home at Killian Hill.

Thank you from the depths of my heart for being so good to Dad and giving me and my family such peace of mind knowing that he was being cared for by what we and he considered to be Family.

Terri Cato Sellers and family

May, 2022

Killian Hill Personal Care Home was a home away from home for my dad. Marlyn and her staff treated every resident as if they were family. She communicated with family members and advocated for the residents. When you walk in the door, you feel at home and the home cooked meals smelled so good too! The home is always very clean and the residents are very well taken care of. While my Dad lived there, he was able to play bingo and participate in crafts. I highly recommend Killian Hill Personal Care Home!


Kris A. Scalzi

October 2021

In March 2015, my family was blessed with God‘s good fortune to have found Killian Hill Personal Care Home. As many families do, we faced the long-term care decision after each of my parents had experienced a lengthy hospital admission, followed by a 2-3 week stay in rehab nursing. We also realized that they were in desperate need of “life“ management (nutrition, sleep, activity and medicines).


A long-term care consultant suggested Killian Hill Personal Care Home, owned and operated by Marlyn Christiani, as a possibility, and with an added bonus of space being available for both my mother and father. While evaluating what would likely be the last place for our parents to spend their twilight years, we sought large and small facilities, as well as personally-owned and corporate providers during our search. It all boiled down to the question…would our parents receive the necessary “life management” assistance in a “HOME” or in a “FACILITY”?


At Killian Hill PCH, Marlyn will become an ADVOCATE for your loved one as if they are a member of her own family. Be assured that she will constantly support and provide for each and every resident, in all varied aspects of their care, in a warm, comfortable and CLEAN environment, supported by her 20+ years of experience in geriatric healthcare and personal care home management. As important, Marlyn leads by example in providing the highest standards of care with kindness, compassion and empathy and mandates the same from the long-tenured caregivers under her employ.


Shortly after my mother (81yr) and father (82 yr) became residents of KHPCH almost 4 years ago, we could see a noticeable and positive difference in their health and attitudes due to the “normal” schedule maintained and the abundance of care they received. Marlyn, her staff as well as her wonderful parents who often could be found at the home sharing meals or activities with all residents, truly made the effort to allow my parents to enjoy their final years together as best they could. While my mother proceeded my father in death by 3 1/2 years, the home continued to be a place of respite and encouragement for my father.


I will forever be grateful to Marlyn, her staff and family, and the residents of Killian Hill Personal Care Home for the care, compassion and kindness showered upon my parents, and the wealth of memories and friendship that I will always hold in the highest esteem.


David Comer

Charlotte, NC

April 29th, 2019


Dear Marlyn,

I have always been impressed with Killian Hill Personal Care Home from the moment I first visited and met you in June 2014. You and your staff have always been so caring and responsive to me and my client's needs. 

I loved visiting you and the residents when I picked up my client. It always felt like home: it was neat, clean, and tidy; your father was always good for a few laughs; there were always mouth-watering aromas coming from the kitchen, and the puppies kept things lively there too!

I appreciated that this was one of the few personal care homes in the area that made an effort to take the residents out for outings like visits to local restaurants and trips to Stone Mountain.

I highly recommend your home for someone looking for a small, personal care home where they'll gets lots of attention from caring and dedicated staff. 

Thank you for taking such good care of my client.


Barbara Scurry

Senior Partners, Founder & CEO, June 6, 2017



Three and one half years ago I was looking for a safe, family friendly, loving environment for my mother. she had been living with my family, but it was no longer safe for my mother to be left alone during the work day. 

My wife and I toured many senior living homes and assisted living facilities in the area, and decided that Killian Hill Personal Care Home was a perfect fit for my mother. 

Marlyn Christiani is a very "hands on" executive director. She provides daily activities that are stimulating and allows the residents to interact with each other. She often brings young people in to sing or play music. Her staff is caring, loving and always makes sure that the residents are clean, comfortable and well taken care of. She also has two dogs that the residents love.

I have respect and admiration for Marlyn, and all the staff, at Killian Hill Personal Care Home and feel fortunate that my mother has been in her care.

Rick Paul October 2016


On behalf of my Aunt Ruth, our family wanted to write you to thank you for all of the care and attention my Aunt received during the time she lived in your home.

When we first started our search, we looked at several places and just couldn't seem to find the right place until I brought my Aunt to your home. She instantly knew it was the place for her. During her time with you, she felt at home and was always pleased with the staff and the overall way she felt welcomed and a part of a family.

We would highly recommend your home to anyone who has a love one who is looking for a safe, comfortable caring place to be. Our family thanks you so very much for taking such care of our Aunt Ruth.

Thank you Sincerely

Jean Hill and Family September 2016


Dear Staff of Killian Hill Personal Care Home,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your great care, kindness and support that you provide for my mother-in- law, Marie Harris.

With living alone prior to her emergency surgery in October 2016, it was a necessity to place her in a facility that could take care of her and assist her with her daily needs. My search began to find a good fit for my mother-in-law, and some of the places I visited were below the standard of care ( and not very desirable) until visited Killian Hill Personal Care Home. From the minute i stepped foot in the door, the staff has been professional, courteous and caring. I immediately knew this was the perfect place for my mother-in-law to get the care she needed. She gets home cooked meals, her clothes are laundered and her medications administered, which takes a huge burden off of me as a full time employee.

The experience from the moment Marie moved into Killian Hill Personal Care Home has been absolutely positive. I have been asked by staff several times if there is anything they need to do different to care for my mother-in-law and I have to say I would not change a thing. The communication is always on spot, and if there are any concerns, I am immediately contacted. I was shown how much they truly care about their residents when Marlyn was concerned that one of Marie's medication she was taking may be making her drowsy and suggested we have her doctor remove it from her daily regimen, even though it meant that she may be more " difficult"  to deal with. Marlyn said that she could deal with any behavioral issues that might arise, but she was more concerned that in her "drowsy" state, she would more prone to accidents and falls. That statement meant that she truly had my mother-in-law's best interest at heart. She did not want her "medicated" to  make her job easier.....she wanted my mother-in-law coherent as possible.

Again, thank you for all you do to ensure my mother-in-law is provided the best care possible, and for the Harris family, that means everything!

Keep up the good work!

The Harris Family June, 2016

After  my mother received the life changing diagnosis of dementia in January, 2015, my niece and i started the search for a safe, new "home" for her. When we visited Killian Hill Personal Care Home we both felt that we had found the right place. The home was very clean and nicely decorated and the staff was very friendly. While my niece and I felt good about the decision to move mother there it was not an entirely easy or smooth transition for her. She had been living on her own in her own home for over 20 years. The owner, Marlyn Christiani, was very helpful with the transition. She truly has a gift for working with dementia patients. I would definitely recommend Killian Hill Personal Care Home to other families looking for a new "home" for their loved one. 


Karen Forte June 2016

The attention and care Dad received from Marlyn and her staff made all the difference in the world to him and us as a family.

My father lived independently in his home until he was 95 years old. Two falls in his home led him to the hospital, rehabilitation, and the realization that he could no longer live independently in his own home, but that he needed some type of assisted living. Being a social worker in the long term care field, I had some knowledge about what I was seeking for my father. My dad was still able to make decisions, so together we went looking and visited both personal care homes and assisted living facilities. The decision was unanimous - we both chose Killian Hill Personal Care Home. The smaller setting was definitely appealing to Dad over the larger assisted living centers. He really adjusted well to his new environment. 

My Dad's needs changed over time and I'm so thankful that he never had to move to another setting. When he first came, he just needed some minor assistance; however, as his physical symptoms slowly progressed, he needed more assistance from the staff. The staff adapted very well to these changes. Then he was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and his kidneys began to fail, and he needed to get hospice care. I was concerned about whether he would be able to stay at the PCH or whether I would have to move him to a long term care center, but Marlyn and her staff, along with a great Hospice group , were able to set up and deliver the care needed. My father passed away peacefully early one morning in what he considered, at that point, to be his own home.


The entire time that Dad lived at Killian Hill PCH, I felt confident in the care that he received and that this care was based on genuine love and compassion. The peace of mind that this gave my entire family was so important for us.


I would highly recommend this personal care home.


Sandy Boland (for The Troglin Family)

November 2014



I'm a care giver for an 87 year old friend who could no longer reside alone in a retirement community. I moved my friend to Killian Hill Personal Care Home (KHPCH) after visiting KHPCH and meeting with Marlyn, her staff as well as the residents. I was extremely impressed with Marlyn and her staff and with the home. My friend is very well taken care of all day and everyday. My friend is very happy at KHPCH. He enjoys all his meals and says that he doesn't miss one. Marlyn has tailored the meals to suit the tastes of all the residents. In the time he has been there I have not heard one complaint from him about his new home. Marlyn keeps me up to date on my friend's condition and reminds me in a timely fashion when his meds supply is running low and when other personal items are needed. Since day one, Marlyn, her staff and the other residents have been very friendly to me and my wife when we visit our friend. I highly recommend Killian Hill Personal Care Home to anyone who has a loved one that needs personal assistance with thier Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)


Mario Villamarzo

August 2014

Since day one when mom moved in in 2013, Killian Hill Personal Care Home has been a huge blessing for her and for our family. When suddenly faced with the hard truth that Mom could no longer live alone, Marlyn and her staff at Killian Hill have become the answer to our prayers. With love, kindness, humor and affection, they have opened their doors and hearts to make mom part of their family. The staff at Killian Hill PCH consistently goes above and beyond every day to provide the best care solutions that mom needs. Our family appreciates the collaborative communication and problem solving approach that Marlyn and her staff takes with our family to improve mom’s care. They are always willing to try something new to keep mom safe and happy. Mom is truly loved and “at home” at Killian Hill!

Judy Muller (LeMaster Family)

March 7, 2014

I would like to offer a brief testimonial about Killian Hill Personal Care Home owned and operated by Marlyn Christiani. I have known Marlyn for many years where she was involved in assisted care in one of the “larger” facilities that I did business with. It was only by chance that she notified me of her desire to start her own personal care home and I just happen to have a need with my mother not being able to manage on her own anymore and not having the finances to be able to place her into one of the larger facilities. It was a good fit. Killian Hill was my mother’s home up until she passed away on July 30th, 2010. She was able to have a quality of life that she might not have had on her own or in a larger facility. I would have to say that my mother was rather difficult to manage with her many ailments and her desire to remain autonomous. Nevertheless, Marlyn and her family and staff did a superb job taking care of those needs and making her feel at home without losing site of the little things that separate the good from the bad and most importantly we never worried about her care. When we visited we felt welcomed and at home and always were able to be part of the community and have the privacy we needed. I would recommend Killian Hill to anyone who is worried about spending too much money or not getting the quality one-on-one care they need of their loved ones. Thank you, Marlyn

Thomas Crane

President, Systems by Crane, Inc.

December 7, 2010


Thank you so much for all you and your staff do for Lyndal and our family. We really and truly appreciate your God-given gift of love and service to others.


Denise and Steve Atkins

November 2009

A Card of Gratitude from Kamala Patel and her daughter Ushaa Patel:

Although you may not hear it as often as you should, you're appreciated so much. I wish I had a new way to say thank you ... a way that would really express how much your kindness has meant to me. You have a way of touching lives ... of making days a little brighter, hearts a little happier, and problems seem a whole lot smaller. You're a wonderful gift to me and my life is better


Linda Lee Elrod

Thank you to Marlyn and all the staff for taking care of my mom when she could no longer live by herself. The home was always clean and well maintained, and we knew she would be safe here. We loved the smaller home environment setting and we were alweys welcome to visit anytimne. Mom had her own private room and she enjoyed sitting in the den with the other residents watching television or chattering. They did exercises, crafts, singing, and read scripture together. Mom especially loved sitting on the front porch rocking chairs when the weather was nice.


Mom had dementia and asked the same questions a hundred times a day and the staff always had patience with her. They lovingly cared for her and always alerted us to any changes they  noticed in her eating, sleeping, bathroom habits or in her emotional state of mind. They made sure she got all her medications at the correct times and helped with her personal grooming. The staff had sincere concern for mom's well being, and we appreciate all they did for her.


Fred & Teresa McElveen 

July 2013



Killian Hill Personal Care Home

1538 Killian Hill Rd.

Lilburn, GA 30047

Phone: 678-615-2934



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